How to Harvest Fresh Herbs

We recently posted an article on how to grow your own fresh herbs.  Now that you’ve grown your fresh, delicious herbs for cooking, you may be wondering how to harvest them.  Here are some tips on harvesting herbs for the best results and flavor:

  • Harvest your herbs in the morning, before it gets too hot outside but after the morning dew dries.
  • Harvest herbs before the plants begin to flower.  Leaf production will begin to decline if you wait too long.
  • Annual herbs can be harvested continually until the first frost of the year;  Perennial herbs can typically be harvested through the end of summer.
  • Always leave at least two sets of leaves to encourage regrowth.
  • Harvest chives by trimming down to the base.
  • Cut parsley by removing the entire leaf and stalk where it joins the clump of leaves.
  • Harvest rosemary by cutting each section about 6 inches from the shoot.
  • Pinch off basil or cut with scissors.  Be sure to leave a long stem, otherwise basil leaf will wither quickly.

At MEESH’S®, we love fresh herbs!  In fact, fresh herbs are what give MEESH’S® Marinara that fresh, one-of-a-kind taste. There’s something really special about cooking with items that you’ve grown and harvested yourself.  By cooking with your own fresh herbs you can give dishes a fresh, homemade flavor that everybody will love.