Make Time for Family This Summer

eng_muffin_pizzaAs working parents we’re all busy, and it can be easy to let the summer slip away without spending a lot of quality time with our kids and families.  I know I struggle with this from time to time myself.    Here are a few ideas for creating special moments with your children:

  • Involve your kids in meal planning.  Have them choose their favorite meals and help you plan out a menu for the week.  They can even accompany you to the grocery store or farmer’s market to select ingredients.
  • Ask them to help in the kitchen.  There are lots of things children, even small ones, can do to help you to prepare meals.  Give them a job to do, like spoon MEESH’s marinara sauce on English Muffin Pizzas, or roll up the lasagna nooodles in Meesh’s Lasagna Rollups.
  • Have them help in the garden.  Kids can take care of items such as watering plants, pulling weeds, or even harvesting vegetables.  Putting kids in charge of certain tasks will give them a sense of pride in the plants and vegetables that result from their efforts.

It’s important to remember that even the small moments mean a lot to our children.  Spending time with them doesn’t have to mean neglecting other things or spending a lot of money.  By involving our children in everyday tasks (and making them fun) we create memories and special moments that we can cherish.