National Culinarian’s Day

michelleToday is a very special day that honors cooks and chefs…including me!  National Culinarian’s Day occurs every year on July 25th, and although its origins are not known, it celebrates people in the culinary arts.

Being a cook, whether professional or at home, requires a great deal of skill, patience, experience, and passion.  You or someone you know may cook as a career, a hobby, or out of necessity to feed a family.  No matter what the reason, the cooks in our lives deserve our appreciation for the wonderful meals they prepare.

For those of you who love to cook, try preparing an extra special meal tonight to showcase your talents, or take the night off and have dinner at a favorite restaurant.  (You could even prepare an easy and delicious meal with some help from MEESH’S® marinara, which is great as a base for many recipes.)

If you hate to cook, then you should show extra appreciation today for those who do!  Be sure to honor the cook in your family today in some special way.  MEESH’S® gift baskets are a beautiful way to show the special cooks in your life how much you appreciate them.  Another idea is to try your hand at cooking something yourself.  Don’t panic!  With MEESH’S ®, meal preparation is fast, easy, and pain-free.

If you do go out to eat today (or any other time), be sure to thank the chef.  Cooking is hard work, and can be stressful in a busy restaurant.  The cook will definitely appreciate the kind words.