The Origins of Marinara Sauce

Meeshs Marinara SauceHave you ever wondered where marinara sauce came from?  I’m sure you know its origins are in Italy, but how did it start and how did it get its name?  Many people think that “marinara,” which is derived from the Italian word “marinaro” (sailor), contains some kind of fish or seafood.  The sauce was actually named for the sailors because it was made for them.

There is more than one theory on how marinara sauce came to fruition.  One states that the fishermen’s and sailors’ wives made the sauce for their husbands when they arrived home from sea.  Because the sauce was fast and relatively simple for them to make, the women could start the sauce when they saw the ships coming in from the sea. By the time the sailors arrived on shore, they had a hot meal ready and waiting for them.

Another theory is that the sauce was actually made at sea by the ships’ cooks.  The sauce would keep for long periods of time due to the high acid content of the tomatoes and lack of meat. This was ideal during the 16th century before the invention of refrigeration.

Marinara sauce has since become a staple of Italian and Italian-American cuisine.  It is perfect with your favorite pasta, but also makes a great base for numerous dishes.  Check out our recipe page for some great ideas!  If you love marinara but don’t have the time to make your own, grab a few jars of MEESH’S® Marinara for fresh picked taste in a jar!